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This Is Y: Marlee’s Story

Marlee’s mom died when she was 2, and her dad is a single parent who works full-time to support their family. One day, seemingly out of the blue, Marlee began falling and getting hurt. They thought it was just kid stuff, but there was something else going on.

Marlee had developed a brain tumor.

Marlee’s dad did everything in his power to get her the treatment she needed. In taking care of Marlee, though, he missed a lot of work, and the medical bills began piling up. After long months of treatment, Marlee responded well to chemotherapy and began to recover. Finally, it was time for their life to resume to its “new normal.”

But the family found itself in a Catch-22: The medical bills put Marlee’s dad in a bad financial situation, and he could no longer afford day care for Marlee. But without day care, he couldn’t return to work to earn money to support his family.

Enter the YMCA Heritage Youth Development Center. Heritage provided the family with financial assistance for Marlee to attend preschool and receive loving, structured care from 7:00am-6:00pm each day while Marlee’s dad was working to get the family back on their feet financially.

Today, Marlee is thriving in a nurturing learning environment that supports her social, intellectual, physical and emotional development, and Marlee’s dad did not had to turn to unemployment or State assistance in order to meet his obligations as a father and provider.

This story doesn’t just belong to Marlee’s family and to Heritage, though. It belongs to you and all those like you who generously contribute to the Y’s Annual Campaign each year. It was because of the kind support of our donors that Heritage was able to offer financial assistance to Marlee’s family and help them get back on their feet after Marlee’s battle with cancer. You made it possible.

Each year, the Y supports many children like Marlee through our Annual Campaign. Join us: Strengthen our community and contribute to another family’s happy ending. Together we can do so much more.

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