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Susan’s #MotivationMonday

I am almost 55 years old and I love the pool exercise classes at the YMCA!

I started with Jodi and her Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 aquacise class weighing over 200 pounds with a job that makes you want to go home at the end of the day and yell at the husband and bite the dog. No, seriously, at least eat anything I could get my hands on before dropping on the sofa, exhausted.

In the last nine months or so I have added Aqua Zumba (Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 5:30), and at 175 pounds, I could not be happier. Exercise is now fun! My instructor Natashia’s smile keeps me going with encouragement and her joy for what she does.

I have found my “runner’s high” in water exercise! I feel like I am dancing in the water without the fear of painful joints or worry about falling on my face. The inches I’ve lost have been a super bonus. I have also strengthened and relieved tight muscles, making trips to the chiropractor less frequent and more successful.

Both classes complement each other so well and have made my work week stress management and my physical health and weight management so much better. I want to thank Jodi and Natashia, whose exercise classes and attitudes help me shake off the stressors of my work day and feel better about myself all the way around.

Oh, and my husband and my dog thank you all, too!


Susan J. Pumphrey, RN, FNP, Child Abuse Nurse Practitioner