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  • Joplin Family YMCA South

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Christa’s #MotivationMonday Story

Before, I had no energy and felt sluggish all day long. All my two young girls wanted to do was play with Mommy, but I could only sit and watch.

Having been in a car accident a few years prior, I had built a wall and let myself believe I was not capable of most physical activity anymore. I was depressed, and I used food for comfort.

With a growing list of medical conditions (hypertension, arrhythmia, asthma, sleep apnea, thyroid disorder, borderline diabetes along with high cholesterol), I was tired of being unhealthy. I decided I would give diet and exercise one more go before considering weight loss surgery.

Finding the right balance was a struggle, both physically and mentally. I thought having a big calorie deficit would get me to my goal faster, but instead it left me feeling hungry and irritable, and ultimately, it stalled my progress, which made me want to give up.

Balancing time away from my family was also difficult, but thankfully my girls enjoy going to the Y with me, and my husband is very supportive and really stepped up around the house so I wouldn’t feel guilty about being away so much.

When I first started, I could barely jog one lap around the track, but with the help of my trainer, Brock Vale, and the Y’s Weight Loss Challenges, I slowly built up my exercise routine. Now, I’m addicted to group exercise classes and go every single day! I can even go outside and run a mile with my bootcamp class in under 12 minutes!

Meal planning was also crucial to my progress. Making extra meals on the weekends and utilizing the slow cooker so dinner was ready when I came home from the gym was a necessity. I PRE-logged all of my food on MyFitnessPal so I would be sure to stay within my calorie goal for the day.

It feels amazing to be in control of my life again. I’m currently down 85 pounds, and I’ve lost over 31% of my body weight!

Brock continues to have a big impact on my success. He pushes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me in ways I could never do on my own. We have worked on a lot of strength training, and I love the muscle definition I have now!

Before I started this weight loss journey, I would come home and sit all evening watching TV, but now I only allow myself to watch TV if I’m on the treadmill. I seem to have an endless supply of energy, which definitely makes my workouts easier.

I never realized how much those extra pounds were holding me back. I’m no longer watching my life go by…I’m living it to the fullest!